Walid’s Walks

On 2nd November, Ubique hosted a guided tour of Fort Nelson for the Walid’s Walks Group. Roger Glancefield and Cameron Kinnear, in RHA uniform, provided the group with a guided tour of the ramparts and tunnel system, including the magazine and North Caponier. Following the walk a lunch was provided. Read more…

Basic Kit Requirements

Cap, General Service Cap badge, Plastic Blouse, Battle-Dress Trousers, Battle-Dress Shirt, collarless. Braces, trousers Boots, Ammunition Belt, web, 1937 pattern Anklets, web, 1937 pattern Socks, grey wool Royal Artillery Shoulder titles Arm of Service strips   Blouse, denim Trousers, denim Blanket, grey wool Mess tins, 1937 pattern Knife, fork and Read more…

Think Gunner

There are many elements of a Gunner’s behaviour that set him apart from other soldiers. While most people would not recognise these things, to a Royal Artillery Veteran, failure to comply with these tell-tale habits would stand out a mile. For this reason, all Battery members must keep the following Read more…

RA Dress Regulations 1943 – 1945

This manual is intended as a guide to all Gunners, old and new, as to the kit required by the Artillery-men of 1943 – 1945 we are portraying.

This document illustrates the full field order we are to wear in action at public shows. Although in reality the front-line Gun Detachment dressed and behaved very informally, we are on display at all times and therefore owe it to the Veterans, present or not, to look tidy and behave as they would want to be remembered.

It is easy to insult the memory of those who fell, therefore it is imperative they remain uppermost in our minds.

At private Living History Events, and perhaps even at some shows that allow for more realism, those that provide us with authentic, fully-equipped and massed Infantry support, we will be free to dress more accurately and be more authentic.

Certain elements of our dress are standardised as, for the public eye, too much variation causes confusion and worse still, can look sloppy. However, some natural variations will occur and is perfectly correct. These regulations apply to all Gunners and Junior NCOs. The Officers and Senior NCO’s may be individually advised where necessary.

While most members of the Battery are not new to Living History and are already aware of, and fully compliant with the following regulations and personal behaviour requirements, they are included as a central reference and reminder, and are to be adhered to.

0786 L/Bomb Stedman R. F.

(Uniform Advisor) 11/11/43



Volunteers needed to re-enact wars at fort Published Date: 20 March 2010 (This article appeared in The News) A LOCAL history group is looking for volunteers for re-enactments at Fort Nelson. The Ubique Right of the Line Living History Group is based up at the Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Read more…