Cap, General Service

Cap badge, Plastic

Blouse, Battle-Dress

Trousers, Battle-Dress

Shirt, collarless.

Braces, trousers

Boots, Ammunition

Belt, web, 1937 pattern

Anklets, web, 1937 pattern

Socks, grey wool

Royal Artillery Shoulder titles

Arm of Service strips


Blouse, denim

Trousers, denim

Blanket, grey wool

Mess tins, 1937 pattern

Knife, fork and spoon set

Rain cape

Mug, enamelled

Jack knife and lanyard.


1937 Web Equipment

Field Dressing Packet



Rifle cartridge carriers

Water bottle in carrier

Spike bayonet and frog

Haversac (Small pack)

Valise (Large pack)

1943 Light Respirator haversac

Helmet, steel, MkII

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