Ubique took part in the 2018 Eastleigh Remembers event, which was staged to commemorate the WW1 clearing hospital that was located in the Leigh Road Recreation Ground.

The event centered around the group’s portrayal of a typical clearing Hospital environment, and featured a ward tent, operating tent, Project 71’s 1915 WW1 Ambulance (Agatha) and sundry other tents and displays.

Almost completed setup prior to the opening.

The event was well publicised and well attended. various other contributors included Diane James, various Military and Community stalls including the tireless veterans advocate Colin Gaylor and the Southampton Armed Forces Breakfast Club, as well as the Hampshire Youth Dance Company who presented a special piece for the event.

The event management was top notch, and our every need was catered for.

Eastleigh Clearing Hospital was opened in July 1915 and was later renamed Eastleigh Military Hospital and then Eastleigh Casualty Clearing Station.

It had 1280 beds, 220 staff and handled 72,000 wounded soldiers until it closed in March 1919.  It was commanded by Lt Col George Twiss RAMC. With the exception of the cooks and dispensers, all the staff were Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) personnel.

Agatha the Ambulance. Project 71’s 1915 Model T Ford was a star of the event.

Eastleigh Casualty Clearing Station’s job was to look after lightly wounded soldiers arriving at Southampton Docks. A typical stay was 5 days. During that time a soldier would have a bath, be given clean hospital uniform, have a session with a doctor, following which travel arrangements would be made for him to transfer to an appropriate hospital.

“Entertaining the wounded” was a major occupation in Eastleigh during the war.

(Text from Eastleigh Borough Council)