There are many elements of a Gunner’s behaviour that set him apart from other soldiers. While most people would not recognise these things, to a Royal Artillery Veteran, failure to comply with these tell-tale habits would stand out a mile.

For this reason, all Battery members must keep the following points uppermost in their minds, and adopt these Gunner’s habits.


NEVER: Sit or rest your feet on the Guns. These are the Regiment’s Colours.

NEVER: Step through the Gun Trail or over the Limber Arm. Walk around them.

NEVER: Leave the Guns unguarded.


ALWAYS: Keep a tidy Gun site and Limber

ALWAYS: Fold and stow the Sight, Breech and Muzzle covers neatly. Do not throw them down.

ALWAYS: Ensure Sight and Tool boxes are fastened during Action, because of recoil.

ALWAYS: Maintain the Guns.


Learn and use the correct terms. For example, Platform, not turn-table.

In Action, perform your duties only – nobody elses.

When waiting for duties, rest on the right knee.



Your comfort comes second.

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