White Horse Show 2024 @ White Horse Show
Aug 17 @ 08:45 – Aug 18 @ 16:30
White Horse Show 2024 @ White Horse Show | England | United Kingdom

There is a lot to read but we thought we would let you know in a bit more detail what’s going on here at W.H.M.S 24

After the great success of the first show, we are now into full swing in developing the event for 2024. It’s a very grass roots level show and we adjust it as we progress along.

The White horse military show has seemingly evolved into an immersive pop up living open air museum.
Put together by re-enactors and using re purposed and recycled film sets to create an amazing experience for you. With a help of many friends, it will feel you have just stepped through the screen of the TV into an old war film.

It’s a show put on by Military & Vintage Enthusiasts for Military & Vintage Enthusiasts. The timeline of the show runs from the Napoleonic era right the way through to Gulf War 1 including groups from times of America frontier and American Civil war.

Our aim is to create a friendly good quality non-commercial non-profit show for Wiltshire. To celebrate the armed forces and help educate the public of the History in a way of learn without learning through being immersed in history.

There will be an arena with displays in. How ever all over site there are demonstrations going on from Vietnam to England Home front. There are also scenes being played out by The Time Traveling Theatre group in many areas of the show and you the audience will have to choose which character to follow as they travel through different timelines of the show.

We are keeping each area as different time periods in history. As well as over 600 re-enactors and living history groups. There are also set builds throughout the 30 acres show which you will be able to visit.

The Garrison Arms
A 1940s style pub which will be open serving drinks on Saturday and Sunday. Set out with tables and chairs. There will be period games to play or listen to the music form Club Cabaret next door.

The Rialto
Building on the success of the Cinema last year we are expanding on this. There will be a small classic Cinema building with a foyer. Seating 30 people, you will be able to see some great films and news reels throughout the weekend. Shown on some real reel to reel projectors.
Its free entry but we may give tickets out as Souvenir’s. There will be popcorn and munchies for sale as part of the experience.

Club Cabaret
This is where all the main music and dance entertainment will be on.
The Stage will be a Western Approaches Navy Plotting room.
Here throughout the weekend, there will be many different acts on To be confirmed but hopefully amongst others Dicky Lines, The Liberty Sisters, May Blossom Vintage Song Bird, Salisbury Big Band, Blitz time Sally. Also, there will be a fashion show. On Sunday morning a Sunday service of remembrance will be held.
There will also be dance classes here if anyone would like to learn a dance.

Gaslight Barbers and ladies’ hair salon
Another new addition this year to the home front will be a wonderful vintage Barbour. Also, there is a Ladies hair salon run by makeup artists from film and TV who will be doing Ladies hair and collecting for charity. You will be able get yourself in perfect form so you will be looking swell.!

Sweet Shop
In the home front, The Vintage sweet shop “Sweets in time” will be open throughout the weekend too.

Berlin wall and cold war
New for this year is the start of a new section of the show which we are developing. Cold war Europe. We are going to create a section of the Berlin wall and see what we can do for this year.
Here there will also be a 1980s living room set made with a fall out shelter built inside using information given by the Protect and Survive public information bulletins.

1980s NAAFI Shop
We are starting to create a 1980,s NAAFI shop in the cold war section, where if you run out of anything it should be there.

Die Seewolf
Our U boat conning tower in dock from our reclaimed film sets.
Here you will be able to see the German Kriegsmarine as they prepare to go back out to sea.

HMS Equus
We also have the Destroyer Fly bridge where you will see crew patrolling the Western Approaches.

Bath Abbey Tower
Yes, as part of our recycled sets, we have a 1 to 1 replica of the top of Bath Abbey which we will be using as a Royal Observer corps post and fire watch along with other roles that used to be stationed on top of buildings during WW2.

1940’s farm
We are continuing our development of the Women at war area which is dedicated to what the good Ladies did during times, of war and conflict. This year there will be a 1940s farm run by 16 ladies of the Women’s Land Army with the help of the next-door POW camp.

Not forgetting there is a village green with food stalls and so many displays from the different groups that attend this show. A trader’s area with many Military and Vintage stalls. There is so much to do all day long.

Different battles and line ups will be presented in the Arena during the weekend.

This is a non-profit event. It is privately funded so the entrance price is very low. £10 for an adult.

Under 18 is free if accompanied by an adult. So a family of two adults with children under 18 would only be £20 for the day.


Ticket sales will be announced soon.