No1, Fire! (Image by Glenn Merret)

[audio:|titles=No 1 Fire!]


Easter 2011 - Tank Action!

The detachment rush into action, and fire their three rounds at an unseen target, the rounds leaving 30 seconds apart, destroying it.

Listen for the sounds of the gun being elevated, the clatter of the loading, the commands from both the command post and the No 1, as well as the sound of the cartridge being ejected.

They fall out, and as they are walking back to their interrupted game of cards, congratulating themselves on a job well done, comes the chilling shout of “TANK ACTION!”

They rush back to their gun, and rapidly depress the gun for action against the approaching tank.

Two quick rounds destroy the tank, and they fall out for a well-deserved mug of tea!

[audio:|titles=Tank Action!]