The 1815 Quizz

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1. Who led the Prussian Troops?


2. Who led the British at Waterloo?



In what year was the Battle of Waterloo fought?


4. Which Battle was fought between the French and the Prussians two days before Waterloo?


5. What did Wellington call his army?


6. In what year did the ABBA song Waterloo win the Eurovision song contest?


7. Who led the main French Cavalry charge in the battle?


8. Who invented the exploding artillery shell used at Waterloo?


9. In which modern country would you find the battlefield?


10. What was the name of Napoleon’s horse at Waterloo?


11. What was the name of Wellington’s horse at Waterloo?


12. What was Wellington’s real name?


13. Which farmhouse on the western side of the battlefield became a fortress and the site of fierce fighting?


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